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What is the Master Janitorial Service Difference?

  • Janitorial Experience: We offer you a 30+ year proven track record of superior Janitorial services at a reasonable price. We have been independently ranked as one of the top five janitorial service companies in Southern California year after year.
  • Employees .vs. Subcontractors: We do not use subcontractors and we do not sell any of our accounts to an outside party.
  • Employee Incentives: We are the only janitorial service company which shares profits with all of our supervisors and managers and offers incentives to our cleaning crews…ensuring you a consistently high quality of cleaning and superior customer service and ensuring us one of the HIGHEST EMPLOYEE AND CUSTOMER RETENTION RATES IN THE INDUSTRY.
  • Employee Training: All of our employees are English-speaking, documented workers and undergo a rigorous personal and work history background check. The individuals selected for employment are then required to successfully complete an intensive training program prior to their job assignment to ensure the highest quality of service for our customers. We invest heavily in our employees by using training programs developed by the Cleaning Management Institute, a highly respected organization in the industry. These programs encourage efficiency, proper technique, and a very high standard of excellence. The end result…highly trained professionals committed to quality performance standards and consistency, ready to offer janitorial services Orange County .
  • Insurance Protection: We provide one of the strongest insurance protection plans available in the cleaning industry which includes a $2 million general liability insurance, $1 million workers’ compensation insurance, and a $100,000 janitorial service bond.
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    Janitorial Services Orange County & Surrounding Areas

  • Affordable Price: We can provide customer satisfaction at an affordable price by having a cleaning crew that is highly trained and very efficient as well as a program designed to meet the needs of both your facility and your budget restraints.
  • Customized Cleaning Specifications: We will work with you to assess the needs of your facility to develop an action plan that will achieve the highest level of cleaning.
  • Cleaning Schedules: We will devise custom cleaning schedules to guarantee that your needs and time constraints are clearly identified and met.
  • Quality Assurance: We monitor our staff’s performance by conducting random inspections of your work environment to assure your total satisfaction, week after week.

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