Office Cleaning Services – How to Select the Right Vendor

Office Cleaning Services Vendor – How to Select the Right one

When choosing a company for Office Cleaning Services, there are a few factors that you want to check. You need to find out are they insured and licensed. How long have they been in business and they must be able to provide you with reputable references. Depending on the size of the office you want to make sure that there are enough workers to do a good job in an sufficient amount of time. It is extremely important that their fee fits within your budget and also that you like the management team.Janitorial Services

Office Cleaning Services can be found easily in the yellow pages and also in an online search. When getting information online, it is important to pay attention to the source that wrote it as many companies will pay to have reviews online. You want to do your homework and check them out thoroughly. You are hiring someone to work in your office and you have to decide if you want this to be done during or after normal work hours. If you have the work done during business hours you don’t need to provide a key, but it can be difficult to get good cleaning services when you have people working in your office. In our experience it is best if you can provide keys fro nighttime cleaning, but that is why it is very important to know the company you are hiring and make sure they are fully insured and bonded for your protection.
Whoever represents the company that provides Office Cleaning Services needs to know exactly what services you are interested in so that they can provide an accurate quote. The company that provides the best service, has a clean background, and references should be the top candidate for you. Before hiring anyone, you should determine the schedule that you want and make sure it works with the company you are interested in hiring. At Master Janitorial Service we believe in providing exceptional customer service and always work within our client’s needs and schedules.

Our economy seems to be shifting towards more outsourcing and sub-contracting but be careful of this. If you have a subcontracted employee working in your facility they are not covered by the companies insurance and this can be a big liability for your company. Make sure the insurance covers the employees and that they are employees. It’s always a good idea to ask if the company is outsourcing or subcontracting their labor. If the answer is yes this is a red flag and you need to get more information. Master Janitorial Service does not subcontract our labor and all of our employees are fully insured. If you want to learn more about the differences in subcontracting check out this blog post about janitorial services in today’s economy. 

When you are looking for a janitorial services provider it’s important to do your research and make sure you check references. If you find the right company it will be a mutually beneficial relationship for everyone involved. We are happy to report a 98% retention rate with excellent references we can provide with your Office Cleaning proposal. At Master Janitorial we can provide a customized building maintenance program that works within your budget and meets your buildings needs. Call today for a free Office Cleaning Services Quote!

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