5 Dirtiest Office Areas And Places That You May Not Be Cleaning Properly

All companies want to have a productive team in their workplaces. After all, They will put you ahead of the competition. And to do so, they need an organized, clean, and comfortable place to work in. Your company’s office is where they spend a lot of time, and it is also the perfect place for germs to grow. Which is a threat to your team's health and well-being. Your workplace may be cleaned every day, but it is still possible that it is not done adequately. Sometimes people overlook the dirtiest places and areas in their offices, like the following.

  1. Restrooms

It is no surprise that restrooms are on this list. You expect a workplace bathroom to be a potential hotspot for bacteria and germs, but you may not expect that your office restroom can be a key area that is not sanitized properly. Utilizing the proper industrial cleaning supplies and tools will help ensure these high-usage areas are cleaned enough.

  1. DesksDirtiest Office Areas

Your desk's surface will be covered in bacteria as well. Although it may appear to be clean to the human eye, there are numerous harmful bacteria distributed around your desk that you are unaware of. Many people eat and drink at their offices. As a result, food particles and spilled liquids can be a problem, and discarded napkins, paper cups, and utensils can serve as breeding grounds for harmful bacteria.

  1. Break Area

Break areas can be a highly polluted office place because they are one of the busiest areas of a company. Also, since food is frequently reheated, prepared, and consumed in these areas, cleaning and sanitation are essential. There are certain surfaces in these places that may be overlooked by accident. Such as break room sink faucets and handles, microwave and refrigerator door handles, and cabinet knobs may not be fully cleaned or cleaned frequently enough.

  1. Door Knobs

Door knobs are used by everyone in your office, including you, your staff, clients, delivery people, and more. The more people that do it, the more germs might spread from one person to another across your whole team. Sanitize all of the doorknobs at your business frequently.

  1. Entrance/Lobby Areas

The reception area of an office is another high-traffic location. Because of the constant in-and-out activity, these spaces may appear to be some of the germiest in the office. Drink fountains, water dispensers, snack dispensers, and other high-traffic, high-touch locations are more prone to large levels of germs. Wipe out and disinfect these places regularly.

As you can see, offices are home to many germs and bacteria due to the many people working there. However, there are many ways to “fix” this by cleaning and disinfecting your workplace frequently, and the best way to do this right and secure is with an office cleaning janitorial company like Master Janitorial Service. We will keep your office clean and healthy, providing commercial-grade cleaning products at no hidden cost, turnkey solutions, consistent customer service, and best practices for our industry. Contact us today!