Can Dust Mites Be a Problem For Your Business?

While most people are unaware of the fact, the presence of dust mites in an office is a real danger. The conditions that make them thrive are humid, warm, and dreary, and they can be found in carpets and upholstery. These tiny creatures are responsible for many allergies and other conditions, including respiratory issues and asthma. They are also known to cause the common cold.

Dust Mites Thrive In Warm, Humid Conditions

Most people have no idea that dust mites live in their office environment. These little creatures have a dander-like substance they make from our dead skin cells. They are very small and are impossible to see with the naked eye. They are not insects but arthropods.Janitorial Cleaning ServicesThese creatures love warm, moist environments, and are easily attracted to carpets, furniture, and bedding. These items can be a great source of allergens for those allergic to dust mites. It is recommended that you keep the temperature inside your office environment as close to a comfortable level as possible. If you are already allergic to dust mites, you can try to limit your exposure to them by using a mask.

They Can Produce Allergens

Dust mites in your office can produce allergens in people sensitive to them. Allergies can manifest themselves in many different ways, including sneezing and runny noses. These symptoms are similar to those of the common cold, but they may persist longer than a week. If your employees are experiencing severe symptoms, such as wheezing, nasal congestion, or difficulty breathing, you should be careful and call professionals like Master Janitorial to take care of this cleaning problem.

The number of dust mites in an office environment is high. Studies have shown that an average mattress contains tens of thousands of mites, and a square yard of carpet can contain more than 100,000 dust mites. As their diets contain a protein that causes allergic reactions in humans, dust mites can trigger a range of symptoms. You should always keep in mind that healthy employees are the kind of employees you want to have in your office to increase your productivity and your efficiency. We will help you take care of them so they can help you boost your company.

They Can Be Killed with Professional Regular Cleaning

You don’t need to do this on your own! Chemicals needed to kill them alongside other allergen sprays require to be treated by certified professionals to make sure everything at your company is being taken care of. You can’t let your employee's health or your business efficiency lower your standards so get in touch with us and we will provide you with the best office cleaning service you can imagine to keep you and your employees healthy and productive. Contact us today!