In today's world of growing corporate responsibility, there are many things to consider when hiring an office cleaning company. We make it easy for you by providing commercial-grade cleaning products, at no hidden cost; consistent customer service, and best practices for our industry.

Master Janitorial offers janitorial services like never before! We can get your office looking like new in less time than it takes to brew a pot of coffee! Our employees are friendly and efficient with years of experience in all areas of commercial cleaning. We provide high quality janitorial services that will keep your company looking good.

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Our Office Cleaning History

We will have a customized cleaning plan for your facility including…everything from top to bottom…to maintain a clean, safe, healthy working environment. We have 50+ years of trusted experience in providing a full range of janitorial services. We combine consistent quality, highly trained cleaning crews, friendly and very responsive customer service staff, thorough written proposal and competitive pricing. We would love earn your business and add you to our very long list of satisfied and loyal clients !

Established in 1970, we have been in business longer than most, if not all, other janitorial service companies in southern California and we are currently the most sought after cleaning company in all of Orange County.  We have a long list of loyal and very satisfied clients, excellent English-speaking crews, great supervision, and outstanding customer service.   With Master Service’s focus on quality, reliability, industry experience, and excellence we are proud to be one of the most sought-after cleaning companies in southern California.

We can schedule a walkthrough with you or your representative and then email you our detailed written proposal within 24 hours which will contain detailed cleaning specifications, a reference list, and our insurance copies.  We guarantee a very competitive price and I’m confident that you be very happy with our company…from the cleaning to the customer service !

We are confident that our office cleaning service company will expand its services to other counties in California. We provide high-quality professional office cleaning services to our valued clients. Our services are tailored to minimize the cost of services and maximize value to our clients.

Features of Our Office Cleaning Services Near Me

Fast and Reliable Service

Fast and reliable service is synonymous with Master janitorial Service. We know what the client wants from us and we are always ready to deliver the best. Our services are prompt and reliable with absolutely no compromise on quality.

Professional Staff

Our staff is specifically trained for providing professional office cleaning. Over the past 50+ years, we have sustained our business by training our staff professionally and ensuring fast, efficient and reliable office cleaning services.

Modern Equipment & Supplies

We use modern equipment and supplies for cleaning offices. This helps us save time and cost, a feature that is greatly valued by our clients. We are constantly looking for innovative technologies that we can use to enhance our services and bring value to the cleaning experience.

Flexible Schedule

We realize that the schedules of our clients vary, so we adapt our schedule to suit your needs. A working facility can have different working hours and we can easily adapt to your schedule.  We are available during office hours five days a week from Monday to Friday and can also be reached after hours and on weekends.

Commercial Office Cleaning

We are experts at providing commercial office cleaning services. In fact, commercial janitorial cleaning service is our primary service. We know it is essential to maintain a professional-looking office and we are there to help you with it. Hiring a commercial office cleaning service greatly benefits your office in a number of ways. Cleaning office buildings is a service that we have been providing for more than five decades.

Employees of a commercial office are motivated if they are provided a clean working environment. Our crew will ensure a tidy working environment by providing daily office cleaning services.  Our service is very comprehensive…from removing trash, cleaning the restrooms and break areas, high and low dusting, etc.  Your commercial office has the option of scheduling our sanitization services on a weekly basis to maintain a safe and healthy environment.

Commercial Janitorial Services Near Me
Office Cleaners Near Me

Small Offices Cleaning

Our services are also available for small office owners. You can schedule office cleaning services with us and we will make sure you get a perfectly clean office in no time! Usually, small office owners are looking for an affordable office cleaning service. We are also experts at providing deep clean office services for your workplace.  Our janitorial services also include safe cleaning chemicals that do not pose any inhalation hazards to the employees working in your office.

While cleaning your office, we pay attention to minute details. We supervise our staff to provide you the best office building cleaning service.

Medical Office Cleaning

We know that medical facilities have sensitive equipment that requires extra care while cleaning. Our medical office cleaning services is state-of-the-art. We also provide deep cleaning office services. Through these services, you don’t have to worry about any residue of dust or any other waste that gives the facility a messy look. Commercial Janitorial Services and office deep cleaning services are the best way to ensure enhanced cleaning of your medical facility.

Medical Cleaning Services for Commercial Janitorial Services
Commercial Janitorial Services

Office Sanitization Service

The global pandemic has increased the importance of office sanitizing services. We are also among the top service providers for sanitizing your workplace. Unlike many of our competitors, we take this responsibility very seriously as it is directly related to health. Our staff is specifically trained for this purpose and uses proper gear during the cleaning process. They follow the highest standards of service to avoid the spread of the virus for our professional office cleaning services.

Office Carpet/Floor/Window Cleaning

Our office / floor / window cleaning services are specifically designed to make sure that your working environment is clean. We know that messy carpeting, dull floors, and dirty windows can spoil the entire look of an office so we have these specific services to make sure your office looks the best at all times.  We vacuum your carpets by using modern supplies, equipment, and cleaning techniques Our staff is specifically trained to do the job right…the first time!

So if you have an office in Orange County or in the surrounding area, then get in touch with us and let us take care of your commercial office cleaning needs.

Commercial Cleaning Services