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Having a clean and organized environment to work around is essential for any company building or organization, and not everyone can achieve this, at least not at the required level. So, if you are looking for a way to keep your office or building clean and in the best conditions for you and your employees, today is your lucky day: Master Janitorial is here to help you!

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Located in sunny Orange, California, Master Janitorial Service in California has been serving businesses in Orange County since 1970. We offer a full range of the best janitorial services with a genuine commitment to professional, affordable, and personalized service. When it comes to cleaning your office, trust our janitorial services. We are committed to providing superior customer service and ensuring that all our customers are satisfied and we are proud to say that our success is due to our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Why Do You Need Us?

If you want to run a successful and effective business, you need a clean atmosphere. A clean office gives your company a great first impression and image. Master Janitorial Service can take this stress off your shoulders and take care of all of your cleaning and janitorial needs.

We take pride in our work and want to help you maintain a healthy environment for your employees to work in. We want to make sure you stay ahead of the competition and have one of the cleanest and most professional businesses in your area. Master Janitorial Service will work with office managers, facility managers, or building owners to determine your particular cleaning needs, and then provide a thorough, written proposal outlining a very cost-effective strategy to satisfy your requirements and budget.

We are Your Best Option

We provide professional janitorial services to over 350 buildings throughout southern California. We have developed customized cleaning specifications for all types of facilities. We offer a wide range of services, including office cleaning, complete floor, and carpet care, window cleaning, day porter services, construction cleanup, and more!

Each member of our highly experienced and professional staff is documented, speaks good English, and comes from a wide range of extensive backgrounds. This provides our customers with versatility, stability, and expertise. Master Janitorial Service has earned a stellar reputation for its exceptional and reliable services 24/7.

Allow Master Janitorial Service to take care of all of your businesses cleaning aspects for you and your employees. Contact one of our professional and knowledgeable customer service representatives by giving us a call, or view out website for more information!

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