What’s the Difference Between Janitorial Service and Commercial Office Cleaning?

When it comes to cleaning your workplace, you're probably aware that janitorial services and commercial office cleaning are very similar. Both services specialize in disinfecting and organizing designated areas. However, there are some differences between the two. It's best to understand them before hiring a cleaning service for your commercial office.

Keeping your workplace, warehouse, or commercial property clean is essential for your business. In addition to improving the image of your company, a clean office boosts employee performance. Master Janitorial offers both of these services, and if you hire our company, we want you to understand the differences between janitorial services and commercial office cleaning first, so you are sure about what you need.

Professional Janitorial Services

There are many differences between janitorial services and commercial office cleaning. Essentially, janitorial services are focused on smaller cleaning tasks, while commercial cleaning companies focus on larger jobs scheduled a few times a year. If you are unsure which service is best for you, contact us, and we will help you find out.

While janitorial services handle the day-to-day cleaning, commercial cleaning services specialize in deep-cleaning and disinfecting areas. If you're looking for a company that consistently maintains a spotless environment, janitorial services are the best choice.

Office Cleaning Services

Commercial Office Cleaning

Commercial cleaning services, on the other hand, may be better suited for larger jobs. They specialize in commercial disinfection, which is more thorough and specialized than a janitorial service. This service needs highly trained employees that are ready to tackle any situation. Whether it's a small project or a huge one, our commercial cleaning crew will have the necessary skills to keep your workspace looking great.

Commercial office cleaning companies like Master Janitorial offer both types of services. If you want your office to look its best, you should hire a professional service like us. The first step to finding the right service is contacting us and discussing your expectations. Ask us all you want to know, and we will talk about the type of cleaning you want your office to receive, what you expect from us as a service provider, and any other special instructions you want us to know. These questions will help you avoid misunderstandings and ensure a successful relationship.

We use sophisticated cleaning equipment and employ qualified workers who manage different types of cleaning. Sometimes, industrial-grade cleaning chemicals need to be used on special projects. Our experienced staff knows how to safely use these chemicals to prevent any hazards or damages in your company. You don't want to risk having your business closed to the public while cleaning.

In summary, the difference between janitorial services and commercial office cleaning is the extent of their services. We are not just your regular cleaning company. We can give you everything you need in one place. Your business deserves the best, and we will deliver it to you. Contact us today!