Why Choose Master Janitorial Service for your Professional Office Cleaning Company?

Having excellent business tactics is just as essential as having a well-maintained and clean office. There are various advantages to it. In most cases, an office serves as a second home for employees, and it is critical to maintain your workplace clean in the same manner that you keep your house clean. There are many alternatives to achieve that, but the best one is by hiring a professional janitorial service such as Master Janitorial Service. These are the main reasons to choose us for your office building cleaning services:

Our Unparalleled Experience

For more than 50 years, our team at Master Janitorial has been offering corporate office cleaning services. Year after year, we have continuously ranked among the top five commercial cleaning service companies in Southern California. Since we have years of knowledge and experience behind us, you can be sure that we have developed customized cleaning specifications for all types of facilities and are comfortable handling any cleaning issues involved.

Wide Range of Services OfferedCommercial Cleaning Services

We currently provide corporate janitorial services to over 350 buildings throughout Southern California. Our services include office cleaning, complete floor care, complete carpet care, day porter services, construction cleanup, window cleaning, and more. We provide commercial-grade cleaning products, at no hidden cost, consistent outstanding customer service, and best practices for your industry.


Our janitorial service is flexible, and we can work around your time needs. Our team will come in as scheduled, so you don't have to worry about anything. We pride ourselves that we have always come through for our valued clients anytime they had last-minute schedule changes, needed some additional supplies, needed an additional cleaning, etc. We are here for you 24/7/365!

Extensive Employee Training

All of our staff are English-speaking, documented workers who have undergone a thorough background check on their personal and work past. We invest heavily in our workers by implementing training programs established by the Cleaning Management Institute, a well-known industry group. The result is a team of highly skilled experts dedicated to high-performance standards and consistency.

Insurance Protection

We provide one of the most comprehensive insurance protection plans in the cleaning business, with $2 million in general liability insurance, $1 million in workers' compensation insurance, and a $1 million janitorial service bond.

Customer Satisfaction

One of our highly skilled supervisors assigned to your account will examine your building at least twice a month, ensuring a consistently high quality of cleaning. Furthermore, one of our friendly customer service specialists will call you at least once a month assuring your continuous pleasure.

At Master Janitorial Service we are a very skilled and qualified cleaning company for all of your commercial cleaning needs. If you are looking for a way to keep your building or workplace clean and in the best conditions, Master Janitorial Service is your best choice in Orange County. Get started today!

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