Corporate Cleaning Experts

Our team at Master Janitorial has been providing Corporate Office Cleaning Services for over 50+ years. We have been consistently in the top 5 commercial janitorial service companies in Southern California year after year. Our services include providing janitorial services to the entire office, including general office cleaning, complete floor care, carpet care, window cleaning, day porter services, construction cleanup and more!

In today's world of growing corporate responsibility, there are many things to consider when hiring an office cleaning company. We make it easy for you by providing commercial grade cleaning products, at no hidden cost; turnkey solutions; consistent customer service; and best practices for our industry.

Master Janitorial Office Cleaning Team

Our commercial janitorial services near me cover a wide array of tasks aimed at preserving the cleanliness and efficiency of your office space. Our dedicated janitors not only do daily cleaning tasks, but also conduct routine inspections of building systems and equipment, identifying worn-out components or detecting leaks, pinpointing potential issues before they become major headaches. Trust Master Janitorial to ensure your office is well-maintained and in capable hands.

Employee Training

All of our employees are English-speaking, documented workers and undergo a rigorous personal and work history background check. The individuals selected for employment are then required to successfully complete an intensive training program prior to their job assignment to ensure the highest quality of service for our customers. We invest heavily in our employees by using training programs developed by the Cleaning Management Institute, a highly respected organization in the industry. These programs encourage efficiency, proper technique, and a very high standard of excellence. The end result…highly trained professionals committed to quality performance standards and consistency.

All of our team members have many years of experience. We have developed a thorough

  • Illness & Injury Prevention Program
  • Cleaning Procedures Manual
  • Employee Safety Program

which every employee is required to read and sign and we provide constant reminders and ongoing training to ensure we are using up-to-date cleaning methods and staying safe in the workplace.

The effort we put into making our staff members the best in our cleaning industry ensures our valued clients a very high quality of cleaning and superior customer service experience.

Insurance Protection

We provide one of the strongest insurance protection plans available in the cleaning industry which includes a $2 million general liability insurance, $1 million workers’ compensation insurance, and a $1 million janitorial service bond.

We monitor our staff’s performance by conducting random inspections of your work environment to assure your total satisfaction, week after week.

Customer Service

It Takes Months to Find a Customer and Just a Second to Lose One

Highest Customer Retention Rates

We have a thorough customer service program that has enabled us to achieve one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry.

Friendly & Courteous

All members of our office staff are totally dedicated to our uncompromising pledge of providing the highest quality of customer service.

Customer Satisfaction

You can be assured of a consistently high level of cleaning because one of our  highly experienced supervisors who is given personal responsibility for your account will continually inspect your building at least two times per month. In addition, one of our courteous customer service representatives will contact you by phone at least one time per month to ensure your continued satisfaction.

Highly Responsive

We have a stellar reputation of being responsive to our clients’ needs. Your time is important and we do not want to keep you waiting when you try to reach us. We are here for you 24/7 and can you can always expect a response within 1 hour if it is after business hours. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have always come through for our valued clients anytime they had a last minute schedule changes, needed some additional supplies, needed an additional cleaning, etc. You can always count on us !

We Are the Best Commercial Cleaning Company for Your Needs

Don't worry about the mess anymore! Instead, let Master Janitorial take care of your commercial cleaning needs. We are an experienced commercial cleaning company with a team of well-trained professionals who will come to your office or facility and have the skills to handle all your needs.

Commercial Janitorial Services Near Me

When you need to find Office Cleaners Near Me, you can count on Master Janitorial. We're here to make your life easier. Our team of experienced cleaning professionals is always available and ready to provide you with the best possible service for your office.