Why Commercial Restroom Cleaning Is Good For Businesses

Disinfectants are a must for everyday cleaning, But there are many crucial factors to keep in mind. Having clean restrooms means fewer germs and bacteria present in the environment, promoting a pleasant scent and making those using them feel more comfortable. The benefits of Commercial Restroom Cleaning are many so let's take a closer look at what Master Janitorial can do for you. How do clean restrooms benefit businesses? Is it really necessary? Keep reading to find out.

Clean Restrooms Kill Germs and Bacteria

If you are thinking of improving your current restroom cleaning routine and don’t know where to start, contacting Marter Janitorial is your best option. We will do our best to leave your restrooms free of germs and bacteria. Our team only works with disinfectants that have an appropriate bacteria kill claim to ensure we deliver the best work to you. Our staff only follows strict disinfectant directions, so you don’t have to worry about any loose ends.

Touchless technologies make it easy to help keep people's hands free of germs, so adding these technologies like soap dispensers or water faucets is a great option. Spray disinfectant on toilet seats and liners is imperative since those seats can contain the highest concentration of germs and bacteria. If necessary, you can always post signs encouraging people to wash their hands and prevent the spread of germs while we are not cleaning your company.

Commercial Cleaning Company

The frequency of cleaning should depend on the amount of foot traffic. If few employees are using the restrooms, you might not need to clean them every day, but if there are lots of visitors, you should clean them more frequently. Hotels, restaurants, and airports need to clean restrooms at least twice.

The state of a restroom can indicate the type of management style of the business. If it is a dismal mess, it may be an indicator of poor hygiene. Employee satisfaction depends on the health of workers, and a clean restroom reflects a healthy workplace.


Promote a Pleasant Odor In Your Restroom

Bad odors in restrooms can negatively impact a business's image. According to a study by Initial Hygiene, 77% of consumers dislike restroom smells. Furthermore, the state of the restroom speaks volumes about the rest of the facility. The cleanliness of your restroom is the first thing a customer sees when they step foot in a business. If it is dirty, your customers will be unable to enjoy their stay.

By cleaning the restroom regularly, you can prevent odors. If you want to avoid any, we can try using neutral cleaners instead of bleach and soap because they can leave a disgusting smell behind them. Neutral products, on the other hand, can be used on urinals, toilets, and partitions between stalls. They can also be poured down the drain, which will keep it smelling fresh. If you want to enjoy the benefits of having a clean restroom for you, your employees, or your clients, we are just one call away from you. Let us know your needs, and we will take care of the rest. Our solid reputation makes us feel proud of the work we do daily. We are committed to delivering you the best commercial cleaning solutions. Contact us today!